Sunday, 20 September 2015


Wounded knees, mango trees,
Walking down the same old street,

Eight years old, feeling bold,
A gash on the nose and an awful cold,

Chicken pox, knee-high socks,
Folded letters in a black shoe box, 

Ponytails, fairy tales,
Choir practice, don't forget to exhale,

Chapter books, nasty looks,
Never had the chance to cook,

Constant smothers, doting mother,
Shamelessly listening to The Jonas Brothers,

Toothy grins, double chin,
Constantly losing bobby pins,

Cheeks flushed, prep crush,
I still regret that very much,

Detention, pay attention,
Meet everyone's expectations,

Disappointment, good intent
Nothing that I said was meant,

Growing up, just shut up,
Remember it's okay to mess up,

Years went by, I wonder why,
When did my childhood say goodbye?
-Khushi Jain