Saturday, 12 September 2015

You might be a directioner if...

You might be a directioner if…
“what makes you beautiful”
makes you feel loved
if Harry’s solo in that song
makes your heart jump
if any mention of the words
one direction
makes you scream
if you continually pester your parents
to drive you to the same city
that they are in
if all you ever say is
I love 1D
If you would giggle when Harry is near
And try your hardest not to scream
If you would tell Niall that he has a beautiful smile
If you would panic if you ever
Came within 5 feet of you
You just might be a directioner
If you brought Up All Night
The instant it came out
And put their book on your birthday, Christmas, and Easter wish list
There’s a pretty good chance
Fortunately a cure
Has not been discovered
So if you spend your time watching 1D video diaries
And hearing “vas happening”
Makes you freak
You just might be
A directioner and we’d be happy
To let you be a part of this
And amaZAYN
-Khushi Jain