Thursday, 17 September 2015

Every girl needs a guy best friend...

So again my friend suggested me this topic and writing about my guy best friend is a privilege. #thanksdodo
P.s He is the most craziest person I have ever met! 

Thank you for not thinking I am weird
i mean, we both know i am weird
but you just ignore it
and that makes me happy.
You teased me and even broke my heart
But, I know nothing could tear us apart
You are my guy best friend
A friend I can count on
A friend I can trust
Having a guy best friend like you is an absolute plus! 
Sometimes I get in a goofy mood
and start laughing at thing
that aren't really funny
I start cracking the lamest jokes
and i need you around because you won't judge me for that 
By the way, you were the weirdest guy
who made me feel normal
You remind me of a rainbow
You're bright, somewhat mysterious,
and just so perfect in so many way

and you don't even know it.

-Khushi Jain

Reasons why every girl need a guy best friend